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Magnetic Solutions, is pioneer company in the field of high power magnetic equipment since 2006 is based at Delhi (India).

We are a leading supplier in the Magnetic field. With the vast knowledge and experience in the field, we supply the best Magnetic equipment to suite the need of our customers.

The qualities of our products are highly acclaimed in the market by our customers. We have a large base of satisfied customers. We are constantly endeavored to incorporate the most modern technology in our products for the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Products

High Power Online Magnets

Products Description

Online Magnets are used in processing of material in pipelines for separating the ferrous particles from grain and flour. These magnets having both side clamping arrangement with outlets and inlets. Magnet is technically designed with different layers of Ferrite Magnets/High Intensity Rare Earth Magnets for loading iron particles. All particles are easily cleaned through the door opening system.

Magnetic Grill

Products Description

Grill Magnets are important magnetic separator, Used for separating tramp iron or farrous contaminants from free flowing granular materials that attracts the contaminants. Our Grill Magnet are made of Rare earth Magnets or Ceramic Magnets. The Magnets grills are aligned in certain angles that attracts the Contaminanats/ Grill Magnet availabe in Various Shapes and Sizes Like..

It is Wide applicability in Chemical industries, Food Processing Industries, Mining and Mineral Industries Plastic and ceramic indusries etc.

Hump Magnet

Products Description

It is made from High Coercively permanent magnets. Very powerful Magnetic plates hinged on sturdy, S.S. Housing arrest all the ferrous particles from the material and prevent damage to the machinery. The Plates can be easily swung open and cleaned.

Hopper Magnet

Products Description

Magnetic Solutions offering a wide rang of Hopper Magnet. Easy installation, Resistant to tough working conditions, withstand high temperature, sturdy design and flowless finish are qualities of offered product.

This Magnets protects plastic extruders and molding machine against iron contamination such a nails, nuts and iron bits. Further more to attain maximum satisfaction of their destination in within period of time. The Given magnet ensures smooth and hassle free operation of the machines.

Drawer Magnet

Products Description

Multi Stage Open Magnets which are available in different styles to suit specific application needs. Drawer Magnets consist of rows of magnetic tubes that are assembled into drawer. The tubes of the drawer are magnets are aligned on alternating Centers from the row directly above or below it. The powerful magnets atthe neck of the molding machine stops the flow of the tramp material directly into the machine parts. Drawer Magnets are very essential engineering products which are used for protecting injection, Molding and dies.

Powder drawer magnets provide excellent equipment and product protection of medium and fine ferrous contaminants in dry free flowing products under gravity flow. Multiple staggered row provide maximum contact area for product flow.

As product flows through the stainless steel housing, it cascades overthe staggered rows of magnetic tubes.

Bullet Magnet

Products Description

This provides a high magnetic field and the bullet magnet effectively captures tram metal particle.
This also comes with a hinged door that offer ease for maintenance purpose. This can be availed at leading market rates after a thorough check by our learned engineers for compliance.

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